Energy Sector

I. Wind Power

The innovation relates to a conventional 3 Blade Horizontal Axis Type Wind Turbine (WT) operating effectively at Very-Low, Low & Medium Wind Speed ranges.

It consists of all the known elements of a conventional 3 Blade-WT (3B-WT) where in the gap between two consecutive blades and diametrically aligned to the 3rd an additional 4th-Blade (4thB) of similar type but of considerably longer radius (more than 60%), is selectively interposed and coupled at Very-Low, Low & Medium Wind Speeds. This configuration increases the swept area of the 3B-WT more than 160% acting effectively as a “Wind Power Crank” increasing significantly the Power Factor (Cp), the annually Energy Production and the Energy Supply period.

The 4thB is rapidly & automatically uncoupled at Rated Power, or at High Wind Gusts remaining “stored” vertically in front of the Tower (or behind it, depending on configuration) a drag-less & “hidden” position.

All in all, the 4thB presents a unique parameter creating numerous new types, applications and possibilities for WTs.


Rated Power shifted at much Lower Wind Speeds

Increased Power Factor, Energy Production & extended Supply Period

Efficient combination with any IEC Class WT

Effective dimensioning (Very-Low to Medium Wind Speeds regions)

Suitable for any kind of control system & configuration

More effective to Small & Medium WT

Simple, light, low-cost construction & easy to transport

Unique possibility to optimize the efficiency even after installation

Quick amortization (low additional cost Vs. efficiency)

 Suitable for combined operation with RES


ΙΙ. Sea Water Desalination

HTE’s Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) design is comprised of a unit of a cylindrical compact form and is available in the following variations:

Multi-Effect Distillation (MED).

Multi Stage Flash (MSF)

Suitable for:

Hotels & Villages, etc


Islands & Remote Areas


Power Plants


High Efficiency

Suitable for combined operation with RES

No sophisticated Water Feeding Pre-Treatment

Low Operation & Insignificant Maintenance Cost

Simple Design & Construction

Low Energy Consumption

HTE is always open to discuss cooperation proposal regarding development of its innovations & patented processes.